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It is with great joy and relief to introduce you to my first book, Hooked on Lure Fishing that I have co written with Dominic Garnett.

The book has been a huge collaborative effort between myself, Dom and friends from across the UK and Europe and it has culminated in a beautiful, hard back first edition of 224 pages.

Featuring underwater photography from Jack Perks and modern digital illustrations from Neil Sutherland and words from myself and Dominic the book takes you on a journey through light lure fishing both freshwater and salt with special chapters on everything from night fishing to catching wrasse, zander and even flatfish on lures. The book is a culmination of countless trips, photo sessions, conversations and late nights!

In a nutshell, the book is a complete guide to species hunting using a huge range of modern lures and techniques. It would have been way, way beyond the scope of one person to achieve. In fact, the remit of the book is so big, there were times myself and Dom wondered if we would ever manage it. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A huge selection of lure fishing methods and tips, from basic to advanced, drawing on my own experience as an all round lure angler.
  • Beautifully rendered diagrams and stylish fish illustrations from award winning graphic designer and angler Neil Sutherland.
  • Stunning underwater photography and watercraft insight from BBC wildlife filmmaker Jack Perks.
  • Extensive sections on watercraft, night fishing and modern lures and tackle.
  • Dedicated chapters on various target species, including lure fishing for zander, wrasse, flatfish, chub, trout and many more.
  • An immense species hunter’s guide, with facts, tips and ID notes for over 80 fresh and saltwater fish, from simple to wickedly challenging!


Cliff Hatton from www.fishingmagic.com

Dominic Garnett and Andy Mytton have collaborated here to produce what will be the last word in lure-fishing for some time to come! When it is eventually surpassed it will probably be Garnett and Mytton who pull it off because Hooked on Lure Fishing is a comprehensive and thoroughly detailed work based on their personal experiences; clearly, nothing is hearsay or second-hand for the reader has dozens of good quality colour photos of the authors in action from Cornwall to San Francisco and all stations in between. Apart from this, it is, surely, impossible to write so fluently and enthusiastically without heaps of hard-earned, first-hand experience.

For me, the book’s outstanding quality can be found in its authenticity. Neither writer has sought to apologise or to excuse their self for their enthusiasm in hunting-down our smaller species – sometimes fish measuring but a few inches – from pools no bigger than a kitchen-sink; their obvious though unstated contention that ‘everything is relative’ is evident throughout their work’s 224 high quality pages. Their zeal for ‘mini-monsters’ is expressly not some kind ofboyish enthusiasm’ but genuine recognition and respect for creatures we would never see or know about if it were not for these fellas or their like – and there can’t be too many at the moment. Nonetheless, there’s plenty here for those wishing to perfect their big-fish methods too: see the novel ideas for boat-fishing for zander and tips on perch-fishing with lures both large and minuscule – not to mention novel.

Hooked on Lure Fishing is not a book to cuddle-up with, anecdotal material forming – for me at least – too little of its content. But my personal affection for stories and accounts is irrelevant because this is a reference-book skilfully written to be informative and concise for those seeking information and guidance. You’ll find few descriptions of balmy summer-mornings and magnificent sunsets but you will most definitely find which lures are most successful and how they are to be fished.

I confess there is much here of which I was totally unaware so, as a life-long angler, I guess this would apply to many if not most of us! Who knew that flounder can be positively aggressive? Yes, we’re aware of their predatory status but who was aware that they will actively attack shoals of bait-fish 3-4 inches in length at all depths – sometimes right up to the surface? And how many of us have seen a sea scorpion in all its glory (if at all?) The shot on p.113 shows a magnificent creature deserving of our admiration and wonder and, perhaps, our attention with a pencil-thin wand and 2lb line!

Blennies, gobies and other miniature predators can provide us with a whole new dimension in fishing, one predicated not just on a bit of fun but on genuine interest and new knowledge. Of course, hunting mini-monsters is never going to replace specimen-hunting but the very subtle methods and rigs illustrated so well here by Neil Sutherland can certainly help in that pursuit.

As I made my way through Hooked on Lure Fishing I became aware of the feeling I get when shopping at the German supermarket, Aldi! Every so often, there’s a schema-disturbance in the form of a ‘TIP’ and these foment a feeling of ‘discovery’…the revelation of a tit-bit that’s just begging to be absorbed. Thus, with plenty of superb illustrations and outstanding underwater photography, the book maintains interest for those going from cover-to-cover rather than seeking specific information on a particular subject.

I’d never profess to know it all but until I read through Garnett & Mytton’s latest work I might have claimed to know most of it. Well, I certainly wouldn’t now. This book has opened my eyes to more than I can specifically describe such is its fully comprehensive treatment of its subject. There are species I’d never heard of.

What Garnett and Mytton have achieved (in collaboration with Sutherland and the aptly-named Jack Perks!) is, I believe, a completely new angle on our sport; one which gets us thinking about new possibilities in methodology; where we can fish; what we can fish for and with which lures.

I once wrote of a childhood friend who would fish with Mr Crabtree goes Fishing on his lap and I can see how this book might find a permanent place on many a passenger seat. For sure, Hooked on Lure Fishing succeeds in its aim to teach everyone how to join in the fun.

Nigel F

What an incredible book. I didn't know what to expect, but it's way better quality wise than I was anticipating. The content looks very good too. Just a quick flick through & I've already picked up one useful tip. I will be reading this cover to cover in early November, if I can wait that long.

Andy S

I have only had chance to skim through your book at present but I have never seen such a comprehensive guide to lure fishing in my life, it truly is a credit too you, years of hard work and years of experience in one book, amazing.

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